Wednesday, April 8, 2009



We are so excited!!! It was beautiful to see. I wish everyone one of you could have been witness to this miracle! He did 5 perfect, patterning like swipes with his hands and feet on his belly, on the carpeted living room floor, head not all the way up but not all the way down like normal :) All this to get his drum. I was laying on the floor, on my belly right beside him (with Ellie sitting on my back, it appeared to be a team effort) and I just kept inching his drum away little bits at a time and he went after it. He was a little man on a mission and he succeeded!! He won!!

That is definitely what we call a VICTORY!!!

Mikah is really doing fabulous. He was "sick" twice this winter and conquered both colds without having to see his ped and receive antibiotics. He did take a little longer than Ellie would have to get over them but HE GOT OVER THEM ALL BY HIMSELF.

He has been on a totally blended vegan almost all raw diet since September and seems to be doing wonderfully. He is not doing much of anything with oral eating but we are happy nonetheless. Compared to last year he is thriving! I never understood that word until Mikah was born. There is a huge difference between living and thriving. And he is thriving.

Since Dave lost his job our whole daily schedule and home program have kind of flown out the window, odd since I thought that daddy being home would help and make it easier to accomplish all of our scheduled tasks...however we are enjoying the time we have all had together. It is fun having breakfast together in the mornings and daddy has definitely had more playtime with both Ellie and Mikah individually. We have slowly been able to tackle little jobs around the house that have been hanging around and we have had more time together just to talk about life.

The week Dave lost his job we had actually been planning on submitting our paperwork to the Institutes for a Home Consultation with tentative plans to return to the Institutes in March or April and take Mikah with us to begin their Aspirant Program. When Dave lost his job all spending was immediately put on hold indefinitely, including Mikah's program. Since then we have received a couple miracles from God, financially, a generous gift from friends and other financial blessings that can only be attributed to the Handiwork of God. Because of these blessings it looks like we will be able to proceed with working with the Institutes more closely on Mikah's program and not necessarily have to wait until God opens the door to a new job.

On the topic of a new help your prayers be more specific, Dave has several leads right now. He has actually had an interview every other week that he has been laid off which is huge in his field of work. Many others he knows have been laid off longer and have not had one interview. He has four different companies that could make an offer any day. He has an interview the end of this week and is scheduling a second interview with a firm for this week or next. Please pray for God's leading and wisdom. That He would direct our paths and make it abundantly clear where Dave is supposed to go for that next position.

I will try to get video of Mikah crawling to post for all his friends to watch :)

Have a blessed day!!! And thank you to all of our wonderful helpers and friends and prayer warriors!! Without your servant hands and hearts we would have had to wait a lot longer to see Mikah move so beautifully.


Ellen said...

Hooray! Great job little man!!

Chris Craven said...

That is wonderful! So glad he is thriving!

Toole Photography said...

Whooh hooh!!! You know - maybe that stands to be said again -



Ken and Julie Nungesser said...

Way to go Mikah!!! What an awesome accomplishment. We are so happy to hear your wonderful progress.

Ken and Julie Nungesser said...

Way to go Mikah!!! What an awesome accomplishment. We are so happy to hear of your progress.

amberlhouck said...

Go Mikah, Go Mikah, Oh yea, uh huh!! I'm doing a little victory dance and song over here!! I'm so proud of you guys. I'm proud of both you and Dave as parents, as Ellie for being such a wonderful big sister and of Mikah for working so hard and having a desire to be mobile!! This is so amazing. What I'm most proud of is your recoginition of Christ in all of this. How amazing it is that you are giving all the credit to the Father. As long as you continue to work together with God in all your efforts to help Mikah I know you will continue to succeed. I'm so VERY happy for you and Mikah's VICTORY!!! I'm praising God for this victory and the victories to come!! Love you guys!!! Amber

Rose Haven said...

How wonderful!!!

I just found your blog today...and your story. We'll be praying for all of you!!

I've also added you to our Prayer List, with Mikah's photo...right column of our Blog.

Jan & Tom