Friday, April 17, 2009

Ear tubes, Sleep & Noses

First I have to comment on the Oh So Gorgeous Day!! Isn't God so fabulous to allow us a little sunshine :)

Today Mikah had a follow-up to a follow-up to a follow-up to his ear tube/ptosis surgery from January of 2008. Each time we meet with his ENT doctor I like him more. He came off really bad the first time I met him and the second time. Maybe it is the location...we have been seeing him in Westerville now instead of the main Children's campus. It is a much calmer, quieter atmosphere. But I digress...

Ear Tubes: Mikah's right ear tube is still tucked neatly in his eardrum working it's little magic of draining junk. His left ear tube is (or was at 11:30am) laying comfortably inside Mikah's ear canal waiting to fall out without anyone noticing and disappearing into the vacuum cleaner the next it is in operation. His ear canals have grown to the point though that the doctor did not need to use his ultra fancy high powered microscope to look in Little Man's ears. This is a good thing.

What do you do about that?? We wondered the same thing. I guess we just wait and see if it matters. If we start to think he is having trouble hearing or if it becomes infected (he has to date never had an ear infection, the tubes were because he couldn't pass a hearing test) than we will explore the possibility of replacing the ear tube. For now we wait.

Sleep: Or should I say lack?... Okay, I am joking...sort of... Most of you know Mikah has never slept well, except when he was first born and we had trouble waking him. I guess then he slept well, a little too well. (Digressing again...) His ENT took one look in his throat this morning and immediately asked us how his sleeping was. We both mumbled and stumbled and basically came up with Ehhh...not too good. Actually it is better than it was which isn't saying much. Some nights you have to listen really close to hear him breathing and other nights you have to put the pillow over your head or just give up and get up (and the credit at this point should go to my wonderful husband, I love you sweetie :) ). The doc said they "grade" tonsils on a scale of 1-4(maybe 5) and Mikah's are a high 3. In a normal relaxed awake state they touch his uvula, the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat. How annoying! He is pretty sure that Mikah must have obstructive sleep apnea and has ordered a sleep study. If he does, the doc may want to remove his tonsils and adenoids to see if it helps...This is something that was brought up last year and was the last worry or test on the long growing list. SO it is not exactly a new idea just not one we could "deal" with at the time. Now is the time and I am surprisingly at peace with the whole thing. Last year I definitely was not peaceful when thinking about it.

Noses: Mikah's is gifting us with LOTS of thick nasty, yellowish-greenish junk. Speaking of sleep, that is not something he did last night. Please pray he is able to fight it and it doesn't become nastier, like chest nasty.

That's all for now. I am going to wake our Little Man now and we are going to enjoy a nice Starner Style walk!

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