Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From Seeds to Harvest

Garden update...

I guess I really don't have much to post about. We have had a whirlwind week or two since Daddy started his new job...There will be a post about all the drama later...
We did get all of our Mel's mix ingredients. We had been waiting for a wind/rain free day to mix everything together and put in the boxes. Well, that day never came so we mixed it in the garage and one wheelbarrow load at a time deposited it in the boxes. Daddy did most of this as mommy wasn't feeling good :)

One of the boxes with the Mel's mix.

Ellie and I painted and nailed the grids into place today.

The couple that we bought our house from obviously loved gardening, flower and vegetable. By the time we bought the house from them they were past their gardening prime though and if you have been here you can tell that all the beds went wild. We have been fighting thistles and many other weeds since the summer we moved in. Seriously, we could have a thistle farm! Those things just don't die. So, one of our "favorite" pastimes this time of year is weeding :)

And every lady needs a good hat...errr...visor while working in the garden. This is the first outdoor, sunny time of year since forever ago that I am using my glasses instead of contacts so my eyes desperately needed some protection. Ellie thought I got one for me and one for her :)

The clematis that wouldn't die. Any plant that is still living after the beating this one took definitely deserves a spot in the Mel's mix!

Honeysuckle anyone?? This started as a very small shoot from my grandparent's vine. It was transplanted three times as an infant and I really wasn't sure it would make it after the third transplant. Now it is taking over the south side of our deck!! Let me know if you need a starter!

Ellie with one those previously mentioned weeds.

More gardening to be done later. I received a gift card for flower/plant shopping for Mother's Day. I will post what ends up in the cart later!

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