Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Year Ago...

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the day that totally changed our lives...One year ago yesterday a very friendly and overly smilie home health nurse from Children's Hospital came into our home and "shoved" (sorry all you nurses but that is really how it looked and felt) a feeding tube up our son's nose and down into his stomach. At that time we didn't know why. Well, besides the obvious fact that he was dramatically losing weight no matter what we tried.
We didn't know why in terms of "Why wasn't he just as healthy as his sister or the kid next door?"
Today we do know why. Kind of. We found out later, after he had a more permanent G-tube placed that he is missing a tiny piece of his 14th chromosome. More specifically, 14q32.31. Who would have thought such a tiny little thing could make such a difference?
I thought it appropriate that on this anniversary I would create a more permanent blog for our family. SO here we are :) Enjoy!

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Barry Hughes said...

Michelle and Dave,
I made it over to the new blog. Great spot. Thanks for the updates, I'm always interested in whats going on with you guys. -Barry