Friday, September 2, 2011

New Home Program

So I had wanted to send in a new home study application for Mikah when Natalie was about 6 wasn't accomplished until she was 18 months. Once I got past, err...started getting past the extreme mommy guilt for it taking a whole year longer than my plan, I started to get excited. Wondering what they would say, what would we be doing? Well, we talked with the Institutes last week and have a simple program planned to get back in the swing of things and to find out more specifically where Mikah is developmentally. We are going to be tackling the handstand activity, the not wanting to lift up his head while crawling and the butt scooting for locomotion. It will be getting loud in the Starner house! He is NOT going to like it and I am sure the rest of us won't either for a while. We are going to go back to the beginning for the most part for 6-8 weeks. After which we will take a video of Mikah, fill out new paperwork and send it all back in to the Institutes. After reviewing we will get an even more detailed program which will be in place for 3-6 months and then reviewed and we will most likely be given the opportunity to head off to Philly with our young man.
Now to figure out where to set up the inclined floor and patterning table :)

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